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Speaking publicly about her son's case for the first time, his mother said he had never told her of any plans to quit the army.
"No, he said nothing," she said in an interview in her house in the rural village of Rozhki 350 km (215 miles) north of Togliatti, the town on the River Volga where her son served before going to Ukraine.
"Whether or not he quit without informing us, the government must not leave him to fend for himself ... I don't know what they (the authorities) are doing. They don't tell me anything."
She added: "I don't watch television at all after this. I just can't. Who can you believe?"
Alexandrov was captured on May 16 and has been charged by the Ukrainian authorities with terrorism. The soldiers have denied the charge, and say they did not kill anyone.
Alexandrov, 28, says he believes the Russian authorities pressured his wife Yekaterina, who serves in the human resources department of the same military unit, to tell Russian state television that he had quit before fighting in east Ukraine

Увы! утешится жена,
И друга лучший друг забудет;
Но где-то есть душа одна -
Она до гроба помнить будет...

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