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Polled in the days after the catastrophe, 46 percent of Russians said Flight 17 was felled by a Ukrainian antiaircraft system, and 36 percent believed it was the work of a Ukrainian jet — both versions that were heavily pushed by the Russian media in the immediate wake of the disaster. Only 3 percent believed it was shot down by separatists. A year later, that picture hasn’t changed much. Forty-four percent believe it was shot down by the Ukrainian military, 17 percent by the Americans. Again, only 3 percent blamed the separatists. That is, the version of events that is generally accepted in the West is shared by only 3 percent of Russians.

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    Дочитал "Хлопок одной ладонью" Николая Кукушкина. Это, пожалуй, лучшее что мне попадалось из научпопа на тему "как из неорганики получился ты,…

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  • Мимоходом - судьба политрука.

    1. Батальонный комиссар Шалунов: Ночью послал разведку на ту сторону Днепра, но она не переправилась, струсила, якобы не было переправочных средств.…

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